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VPS Hosting

Tools and Features

Suitable for a wide range of schemes
Our VPS Linux web hosting services were designed with all the tools and features you may require to manage your media-rich websites as well as web applications from the same place. Each of the VPS Linux web hosting services has a choice of Linux distributions, solid state drive free space for storage, root level permissions, and external backups each week. You will have allocated processor and RAM resources for a much higher data exchange rate.

Linux Distribution Options

Select between Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS
We provide a catalog of Linux OS versions for your Linux virtual private server when you create your account. On the order page, you can freely choose between the following versions of Linux – Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS. Do not complicate your life anymore and select the OS of your choice and we will manage such installation instead of you.

SSD storage

Enhance the results of your website thanks to our Linux VPS web hosting services with solid-state devices. Any of the Linux VPS web hosting services available on THE N HOST is packaged from an SSD device instead of traditional HDDs. Mounting an SSD disk on your Linux virtual private server can be an impressive benefit in favor of your Internet sites. SSDs offer much higher write/read rates as well as facilitate more accessible access to data matrices. Practically this means that everything you have on your web hosting server will work much faster, including your websites and applications.

Zero Cost Bonuses

A merchant subscription for free domains, a help and billing tool and many more
Your Linux virtual private server has an Operating System that you prefer as well as a good number of absolutely free bonuses, so you have the freedom to start and manage your web presence. You will also receive a completely free reserved IP address as well as a collection of essential gift utilities about your home resale business – the help, support and billing tool – ClientExec, and a domain resale profile.