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Social Networks Role in the Care Service

The inclusion of social networks in our daily routine also reaches the habits and customs about companies and brands. At present, any information about these can reach our hands in real time, and at the click of a button, the contact is produced from you to you, and the consumer can publicly express their dissatisfaction.

In this context, customer service 2.0 is not only based on responding to complaints and complaints but on the link that each company creates with its customers through different platforms such as social networks. This service should focus on interaction, always seeking a personalized, fast and committed service.

The latter is much easier when communication takes place through social networks. Those customers who establish the first relationship with a brand or company, implying that they are interested in your product or what it offers. As we have commented, these platforms allow consumers to hear the opinion of consumers, which should be very important for each brand.

If used correctly, they can be a great tool when it comes to stopping in time possible damages of reputation Here a great example of it found on Twitter:

Statistics show that Facebook is still the most-used social network to follow the brands, ahead of Twitter. Instagram is currently gaining more acceptance in this regard. Although, it is true that each sector has its preferred social network, depending on the product they offer.
As a study carried out by almost 900 users, for 31% of the consumers of 16 to 30 years those brands that have a presence in social networks inspire to them more confidence than those that are not on these platforms.

On e-commerce, according to a study recently published by the consultant, PWC realized to 15,000 online buyers, 50% of the respondents affirm that it has bought in social networks. More and more users value the importance of brands to know their tastes, something possible also through social networks. Also, in the specific case of e-commerce, they are especially important because of their online business nature.

At NHOSTBD, we keep in touch with our customers through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, in which we seek to offer a tailored attention to the needs of our users.

The companies and brands can adapt their e-commerce, creating offers and experience of personalized purchase, attending to the so-called “total retail,” based on the good use of “big data” as useful information regarding users and consumers of its products.

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