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Social Networks Secret for Your Success Blog

Returning to the thread of our last post “How to be a successful blogger,” we would like to delve into social networks. If you are not in them, you do not exist! These virtual platforms have become an essential tool in our day-to-day life, enabling us to be in contact with our friends and family, to know the current updated almost to the minute and are great allies for the labor field. But, without a doubt, they stand out for giving the possibility of creating and belonging to a community. That is where your success lies.

Social media allow us to be in contact with people related to our tastes and hobbies. If you have to become a successful blogger, there is no doubt that you must exploit these resources. You can share your posts as well as generate unique content for each platform.

Spain is one of the countries with greater activity in social networks. 81% of Internet users between the ages of 18 and 55 use these virtual platforms, which represents more than 15 million users in our country [1].

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, Vine. The truth is that today there is a broad range of social networks. Although the idea would be to cover the maximum of them, you do not have to lose your head at first, and therefore you should start with a couple or three of them that you think fit better with the theme of your blog.

If your content deals with topics such as cooking or crafts, the more visual platforms – such as Instagram and Pinterest – may be your best choice. If on the other hand, you deal with thematic more related to leisure or technology, you can decant Tarte by Facebook or Youtube. It is about creating a population around your brand, which in this case will be your blog.

Just by being present in social networks does not mean that you will achieve your goals. Some factors must be taken into account.

Constancy and periodicity. Victory does not come by itself, it has to be worked on, and it takes time. You must publish content with assiduity, and it does not have to be only for your blog. You can give your opinion about events or products related to your theme. Just as it’s recommended that you have a calendar of blog posts, we advise you to do the same task for your social networks.

Careful and native language. It is essential that you take care of your calligraphy. Sometimes we go with the rush and publish without having reviewed it twice. With a particular language gives you a sense of professionalism and formalism. It is also advisable to use a native language; it is not the same to publish a tweet as to write a post on Facebook. Our advice is to study the jargon used by various influencers related to your sector in each platform and know how to adapt it to your personality. For example, Twitter triumphs emoji-only messages and many brands have opted for them for their strategies (5 very funny examples of how to use emojis in restaurants).

Own content and value. Create your own identity Do not try to copy the tone and the same phrases of other people. Be original and before giving “send” check that what you are publishing is going to have a value for your community. Remember that both blog and social networks are your brands, what you write will give you an image of you.

Pictures and quality video. Do not think that the influencers who hang an ideal photo on the dish they are eating or the outfit they carry that day, have managed to make the image perfect in a second. Find the perfect angle and look for the point where the light is best on the object. You have to be a professional in all aspects. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Use of hashtags. Labels can be a great help when you’re just getting started. They allow you to follow the thread of a topic that may be interesting in your topic and you can join in the conversation through them. They were especially helpful in Instagram where there are some very popular among their users, and that will allow you to gain visibility, such as #fotodeldia or #instalikes to get me like you.

The right schedule. Some social networks are used and checked during the day, and there are others that we review more quietly at night. If for example, you publish in the morning, but your users of that platform do not connect until mid afternoon, your content may be forgotten.

Also, according to the “Annual Social Networking Survey 2016” carried out by IAB Spain [2], it is necessary to take into account the type of device from which our users are connected. Depending on the device we usually use more social networks than others. For example, the prime time of the computer would last from 20.30 h. Until midnight, while the mobile phone would be from 16.00 h. until midnight. Also, when we are connected from the mobile, we use Facebook and YouTube less often compared to when we do it from the computer.

Interacts. Get engagement, that the users participate with your posts and also interacts with their publications. Respond, whenever possible, to user feedback. Let them know that your opinion also interests you. We could say that there are some key elements that generate engagement [3]:

1. As noted above, you must generate content that is useful to the audience. Some of the most repeated words on social networks are “learn,” “tips” or “how.”

2. Take care of storytelling. It is not what you say, but how you tell it. You must sell your story, which the followers “buy” it and participate in it.

3. Express emotions. Your content should generate an emotion in the user, thanks to it you will feel more connected with what you communicate. And remember, in the end, it is not about getting as many likes as possible, but about getting as many loyal users (they Will be your real audience!).

In the end, the interaction is similar to offering customer service. You must consider social listening to offer better assistance to your users. In the next post, we will discuss in greater depth the relationship between social networks and customer service, and how they play a decisive role, especially in the case of online stores.

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