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We always guarantee an optimal service thanks to the fact that we have the fastest and most powerful servers, manufactured only with the expensive Dell Enterprise components. Also, we work with the best collaborating companies to achieve maximum efficiency and professionalism. Therefore, we are cPanel partners, Registrar of Joint Stock Companies And Firms and members of BASIS, BDHPA, E-cab all of the most prestigious groups in the Bangladesh.

We know that security is significant to you. For this reason, at N HOST BD, we have planned a wide range of protection measures on our servers to ensure that your data does not run any risk. You will also enjoy a stability of use of 99.9% so that your service will not be interrupted for a single moment.

Nhostbd.com was born with the spirit of being the company that offered everything we had not found when we started our career. We missed the more technical support and help, essential for all businesses that take their first steps on the Internet, and discovered that the endless waiting times and “send an email, and we will answer” did not meet our needs.

But thanks to these difficulties, in the beginning, we discovered what the path we had to follow was, and we determined to support our clients as much as possible, offering them what was lacking in the sector. This is how we launch our customer service, which ensures that all our users can resolve their doubts instantly, with the help of the most attentive and qualified staff.

In this sense, we created Live Chat, becoming a pioneer in the use of this system. This exceptional tool, very popular nowadays, made us quickly stand out from the competition. And in this way, we can always be with you to help you, in every moment.

We do everything likely so that you can successfully use online applications that will make your business stand out. For that reason, we work for you and provide you with excellence in our services:

  • Real support seven days a week with the most qualified technical staff through live chat and email.
  • We host our servers only in data centers built for that purpose, with extreme security and resistance measures. Its operation is uninterrupted and stable and offers full guarantee of connectivity and power supplies.
  • N host bd offer servers with the highest quality components of the enterprise range. So we use SSD hard drives, even for our initial web hosting plans, something that does not happen in other hosting companies.
  • We have created the book ¡Pon to Web en Forma !, which we offer you for free so you can apply step by step and naturally all the actions you need to increase your traffic and get more customers.
  • The N Host BD offers practical solutions for all problems that may arise. If you notice that your service falls short and you need more power, we offer you VPS servers and dedicated servers, with all the security guarantees and at very competitive prices. On the other hand, if you want to migrate your web page with us, The N Host will do all the work for the client, and it’s free. Also, we will register your domain, choose among a large number of extensions, and activate your pages, stores, emails and other features in an immediate way, so you do not waste a second of your time.
  • At N host BD we want to make your life easier. That’s why you can start your business right away, no matter what your technical knowledge is, thanks to our templates, pre-installed stores, and intuitive control panels. And so that you can get the most out of all your projects, these pages are already optimized for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Thus, your business or personal website will be accessible to all and at all times.
  • Web host BD has a great professional team that is always working so you can access the most advanced technologies, solving your doubts and problems with maximum efficiency. Our customer service staff is highly qualified and will know how to give you the right answer every time, without generalities or possibility of confusion.
  • N host Bangladesh we know what it costs to start. That’s why we have prepared individual plans so you can find the one that best suits your needs and gradually increase if you want to increase the volume of your business. Also, we have adjusted our prices to the maximum so you can get going without giving up the best quality.

As you can see, in N Host BD our highest priority is to understand your needs and get you to take your work forward, providing easy access to all technological resources.

We fully understand the challenges you face, and we will be by your side 100% to successfully overcome them.

We also know that rising a business is a great effort and sometimes generates many doubts, so we will be by your side to solve them, and so that technical problem does not pose any obstacle in your way.

First of all, our philosophy is to provide that service that we wanted when we started and could not obtain. We hope we have fulfilled our purposes, but we would like you to join us and prove it for yourself.