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A domain transfer or domain transfer is a change in the registrar agent management. It would be to say who is going to manage your domain before possible incidents and to whom you are going to pay your domain. When a web service provider no longer responds to your needs, transferring the domain to another registrar is the best solution. You will find all the helpful information necessary to start the transfer procedure. Often, web hosting providers are in charge of acquiring domains and it is through them as you get the storage space needed to host a web page. However, this does not mean that the domains, linked to that provider. In the case of services of the provider and the domains, these are, rather, two independent offers. If you are not happy with your web host, you can use the services of anyone else by transferring your domain. In this guide, we offer you information on how a domain transfer is carried out.

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1. Before starting the process, make sure that you have meted all the requirements.
2. You must have the Authorization Code or Auth Code.
3. The domain must be active.
4. Domain data should not be hidden by a private Whois.
5. The email address of the owner must be current and in operation.
6. Data on ownership of the domain must be the same as Whois.
7. You may be asked to enter data without variations.


1. Enter the name of the domain which you want to transfer.
2. Choose the DNS which you want to use.
3. Fill up the form with your data
4. Read the email that will reach the email address of the domain holder.
5. Click on the link that you will find in the email.
6. Enter the Auth Code.
7. If the data is correct, the process will be completed in a few days.