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Best SEO Tools List for 2022 (Free and Paid)

The Best SEO Tools List

If you want to observe 20 best SEO tools in one article, then you’ll Love this (updated) guide.

What is the SEO Tools are the most suitable for you?

The truth is that I can not answer that question either because it will depend on your specific case and the money you can invest.There are hundreds of services and applications, and of course, I have not tried them all, but a good number, so I’m going to save you time and money explaining why I use and recommend some of them.In this selection, you will find free and paid SEO tools, although the latter usually offer limited free demos or a trial period.I have included the free or economic SEO tools that I use or are interesting, but it is impossible to avoid using some payment SEO tools. Some links on this page are the affiliate, but I never recommend anything that you do not use personally and is useful.


Frequent questions

  • The price indicated in this guide is incorrect
  • The price is in dollars or euros and does not match the real price
  • What is that affiliate links, you earn money with this?


Multi function SEO Tools

These tools deserve a special section since they perform multiple tasks effectively. They constitute in themselves an entire arsenal, which will help you accelerate your positioning with quality results.

Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a desktop tool for Windows and Mac.For a long time, Market Samurai was my favorite tool, and I used it for everything from researching niches to monitoring the positions of my keywords.And with this tool, you can manage from the research and analysis of keywords to the creation and monetization of content, although for the latter it is more useful in English.Market Samurai was one of the first SEO tools I bought, and I still use some of its functions, especially the competition analysis module, which is still one of the best and fastest.Market Samurai is a good choice if you are starting in SEO, want to perform basic tasks, and have a tight budget.


  • It includes an automatic ranking monitoring module, with which you are always informed of the position of your keywords.
  • You can work with most search engines, from any country. You do not need proxies to perform any operation.
  • t is very simple to use.
  • You only pay once; they do not charge you for the updates (I bought in 2012, and in 2016 I keep updating for free)


  • You can tell it’s been awhile since it hit the market, and some features are not as necessary as they were at the beginning.

You can find details information about this tool here:

SEO PowerSuite

SEO Powersuite is a set of 4 desktop tools, for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In my opinion, SEO Powersuite is one of the best compilations of “all-in-one” tools that covers most SEO tasks.

The suite includes four SEO tools, each with a specific utility:

  • SEO SpyGlass: analyze the links to your competitors, help you discover benefit to create links and maintain your existing links.
  • Rank Tracker: monitors the rank of search results (SERPs) and helps in the selection of keywords.
  • Website Auditor: analyze your web page and help you optimize all aspects of SEO On Page.
  • LinkAsistant: manage and organize your link creation campaigns.


  • The license allows installing the software on several computers, although not to execute it at one time.
  • With Powersuite you do find out the whole Keyword Selection and Analysis process
  • Also, control ranking in search results (SERPs)
  • Audit and Optimize a web
  • Analyze the opposition of your keywords and the strategy of your competitors
  • Organize a link creation campaign
  • And the list goes on.


  • The paid version includes free updates for six months. From that moment you have to subscribe a monthly update plan, about $ 9 per application per month.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Tools for Keywords.

Building a good list of keywords is one of the essential activities of SEO positioning, and that will define to a great extent the success or failure of your efforts.

These are the tools I use to help me build a good keyword map, with possibilities to position them and get qualified visitors.

Google Keyword Planner

The Keyword Planner (Google Keyword Tool in English) has been my indispensable tool for the study of keywords, in recent years.But, due to Google’s decision not to show the volume of Keywords, this tool has become secondary in my Keyword research process.You can read more about the reasons for my decision, and other SEO tools that I recommend in my article “Alternatives to the Google Keyword Planner.”

Advantages Of the Google Keyword Planner

  • The use of the tool is free; you will only pay if you decide to advertise.
  • Available in Bangla, and for all countries and languages of Google.

Advantages Of the Google Keyword Planner

  • To use it you must have a Google Adwords account. In other words, you need to have a credit card in your name and be proved to the advertised program.
  • In most states, it is difficult to find advanced tools (long tail) that are easy to position with this tool.
  • If you are not an active advertiser of Adwords (you publish ads very often), you will see the volume of approximate searches as an interval, which does not help to analyze and choose the best keywords.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is an online tool that helps you discover new keywords, getting autocomplete suggestions from various sources, such as Google, Bing or YouTube.

In its free version, you can only generate a list of keywords, but you can not get its volume, so just the paid version will be useful.I only use Keyword Tool when I search for keywords for YouTube since for everything else I prefer to pay for Kwfinder, which offers more functionality for a lower price.


  • In addition to Google, it shows suggestions for YouTube, Bing, Amazon and the App Store.
  • Allows you to search for suggestions for any language or country supported by Google.


  • You will need a Pro account (for a fee) to see the volume of keywords.
  • It is a relatively expensive tool for its functionality.

You can find details information about this tool here:


KWFinder is a fantastic online tool that helps you find keywords and analyze the difficulty of positioning your keywords. Currently Kwfinder is my preferred and recommended tool for searching and researching keywords.


  • It has a free version, with limited queries, which works exactly like the paid version.
  • Allows you to search for suggestions for any language or country supported by Google.
  • You can organize and manage your keywords in lists within the application.
  • Provides suggestions using Google’s autocomplete, and questions that users ask the search engine.
  • Gives information about the relative difficulty of positioning a keyword.
  • It allows you to filter your list of keywords using several very useful parameters such as some searches, difficulty, length of the key phrase, etc.


  • It only provides suggestions for Google, not for Bing, YouTube, etc.

You can find details information about this tool here:

SEO Hero

SEO Hero is a free tool that helps you create better semantic content. Discover new keywords, and understand why certain topics position pages.

It’s a really interesting tool, and it’s the one I’m using together with Kwfinder, for keyword research right now.


  • It’s free.
  • It helps you find thematic keywords, which is increasingly important to position organically.
  • It helps you discover LSI (or “long tail”) keywords that you may have overlooked with other tools.
  • You can see (and understand) how your competitors are using these words on their pages.


  • t is still in beta, and some features do not work correctly.

You can find details information about this tool here:


SERMrush is an excellent tool to “spy” the SEM strategy (payment positioning) of your competition.

If you dedicate yourself to Online Marketing, or if you use Adwords, you will discover that Semrush is an almost essential ally.

But it is also very useful for keyword research, because it gives you information about the Keywords that are positioning your competitors, and gives you suggestions about new ones.

SEMrush has been evolving towards an “all-in-one” tool, but this has caused it to be more expensive than other tools. If you  can only pay for a tool, it is a good option, but if you can afford it, you will get more complete information about rankings, keywords, or backlinks with more specialized SEO tools.


  • Its database covers more than A Hundred countries!
  • It enables you to know the Keywords for which you are located in the organic searches (and surely some of them you did not know) … and the best: it allows you to understand what Keywords is placing your competition.
  • It is an excellent tool to know the ad policy of your competition, what keywords they use, what are their most effective ads and the approximate cost to advertise.
  • It helps you discover new keywords related to your topic, and “steal” those that your competition is not positioning correctly.
  • It allows you to know the expected organic (also paid) traffic of a website, very valuable information to decide if it is worth associating in any way with it (get links, write as a guest, etc.), control the evolution of a competitor, or have more data for a consultation session.
  • And it also allows you to control the ranking of your Keywords.


  • It is not the cheapest tool on the market, but there are not many that offer so many functions.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Load speed

The loading speed of your pages is essential twice: as a positioning factor and because your visitors will return more times if your page loads fast. Nobody likes to wait, and many visitors leave a slow web before it finishes loading.

These tools will help you analyze the speed of your page, discover that it slows it down and solve this problem.


GTmetrix analyzes the loading speed and offers a detailed report that you can download in PDF, and that is very useful to optimize your pages.

The free version is more than enough for the average user. You will only need the PRO version if you need to monitor more than five pages or save more than 20 reports.


  • It has a WordPress plugin that controls the speed of your website, sends alerts and creates automatic reports.
  • You can download the reports in PDF.


  • The paid version introduces free updates for six months. From that moment you have to subscribe a monthly update plan, about $ 9 per application per month.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Web Page Test

Web page test is my favorite tool for load speed analysis, among other reasons because it is the one that offers more locations to check the loading speed.


  • The reports are so complete and detailed, which makes it suitable for advanced and even professional use.
  • It allows simulating the load from the majority of web browsers (according to location), mobile devices, the speed of the connection and other advanced parameters.
  • You can visually compare different URLs, very useful for A / B tests.


  • The paid version adds free updates for six months. From that moment you have to subscribe a monthly update plan, about $ 9 per application per month.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Traffic Analysis and Conversion (Analytics)

To get the best performance you need to get data about your visitors, know where they come from, how they interact with your website, what content attracts them most, etc.

With this information, it will be much easier to optimize your website and make it as useful as possible to your visitors, which will help you in the positioning and conversions.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably the most used tool to measure and analyze traffic and the conversion of visitors on the Internet.

Although there are other options, its integration with the other tools offered by Google and the fact that it is free, make it mandatory to know it.


  • Completely free
  • Available in Bangladesh


  • It is not an intuitive tool and understanding it, and taking advantage of it takes a long time.

You can find details information about this tool here:


There are times when you may prefer not to use Google Analytics on your website because you are fed up with Google’s monopoly, so as not to “leave traces” that can identify you, etc.

Metrica is a free tool developed by Yandex, which competes directly with Google Analytics and even exceeds it in some aspects.

It is simple to use and very powerful, with unique features.

If you have never tried anything other than Google Analytics, you should try Metrica in one of your next projects, and you will be pleasantly surprised.


  • You can use Metrika at the same time as Google Analytics without problems.
  • It offers “heatmaps” (heat maps) that show where your visitors click.
  • It also shows how far your visitors “scroll.”


  • There is very little documentation to help you configure and use this tool.
  • Only available in English and Russian.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Analysis of Backlinks and Competition

The analysis of the profile of the links is very important, to be sure that you don’t command the risk of being penalized. And also to know what your competition is doing, and to be able to adapt your strategy.

A few years ago there were no reliable tools to carry out an in-depth study of the links of a website, fortunately, we now have very powerful options.


Like most best SEO tools of this type, Ahrefs is an online application, which offers detailed information about the external links of one or several pages and allows you to analyze your profile or compare it with others.

It offers very detailed statistics, but as is standard with this type of tool, you can only take advantage of its full potential with one of your monthly plans.

Although I usually use Majestic for the tasks related to the profile of links, lately this tool is more and more useful for me, so I keep having a paid subscription of ahrefs.


  • Allows you to compare a maximum of 5 URLs at a time.
  • Displays information on Social Signals allows you to export the data in CSV format (up to a maximum of 10,000).
  • His index is updated very often, and it is together with Majestic, one of the largest.


  • It does not have a classification system (“authority,” “force,” etc.) as robust as Open Site Explorer or Majestic.
  • It does not offer a free version.

You can find details information about this tool here:

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass is an application for Windows, Mac and Linux, part of SEO Powersuite.

SEO SpyGlass is especially useful when I use it in conjunction with Majestic or Ahrefs, to create reports, evaluate the strength of a link profile, or the risk of penalty, among other things.


  • It allows you to perform an exhaustive analysis of your Backlinks, or those of your competition, organize them, create statistics, detailed reports in multiple languages, etc.
  • It is continuously updated to adapt to the frequent changes introduced by search engines, especially Google.
  • You can find links in more than 160 local and international search engines, and analyze factors such as Keywords, PageRank, Alexa Rank, Anchor text, Social Signals and much more.
  • A single license allows you to run the application on several computers in a non-simultaneous way, for example, if you have a laptop and desktop computer.


  • From the sixth month, you have to pay for the updates.
  • Obtaining links, unlike “online” tools such as Ahrefs or Majestic, is not instantaneous and can take a long time to collect them.

You can find details information about this tool here:


Majestic has great power within an interface that, unfortunately, is somewhat confusing and unattractive, which sometimes causes rejection before understanding its great virtues.

It is my preferred tool to analyze the quality and subject of a link profile.


  • Its database, along with that of ahrefs, is one of the largest and fastest to be updated.
  • It allows recovering the history of links that have already been eliminated from the index, something unique in this type of tools.
  • It offers its metrics (Citation Flow and Trust Flow) that are very useful when judging a link profile.
  • The payment plans give you access to Topical Trust Flow, a proprietary metric of Majestic that classifies all pages and links in its index by subject.


  • Interface less “attractive” ahrefs and that other similar tools.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Technical SEO and web analysis

It is essential that you make sure that all the pages of your website enjoy “good health,” that they do not have errors and that their contents are as optimized as possible.

These tools will help you diagnose your website and keep it in good condition.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service allowed by Google to help Webmasters analyze and optimize their websites.

It is an indispensable tool to keep your website in good health, optimize it and detect possible problems.


  • Check the indexing status of your website.
  • It helps you optimize the visibility of the results.
  • You can see which pages give an error on your site, or if you have been hacked.
  • And much more free ?


  • All the data offered by this tool refer only to Google searches, there is no data from Bing, Yahoo, etc.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Bing Webmaster tools

This toolkit is Bing’s response to the Google Webmaster Tools, with similar functions but oriented to the searches made in the Microsoft search engine.


  • It has a function to help you search for keywords.
  • It also has a tool to explore links to your site.
  • And a quite complete section to analyze your SEO and suggest improvements.


  • All the data offered by this tool refer only to the searches carried out by Bing.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Visual SEO Studio

Visual SEO Studio is the only tool that can compete with Screaming Frog.

With it, you can do most of the tasks you perform with Screaming Frog and some more that are exclusive to this program.

It has incredible potential and has become one of my favorite tools for auditing web pages.

Visual SEO Studio has a free version (with limitations) and a paid version (which you can try without charge for 30 days) that costs € 149 + tax/year


  • Incredibly useful to audit a website and to optimize your SEO on Page.
  • Track your web like Google does and audit your sitemaps.
  • Track your web like Google does and audit your sitemaps.
  • Optimize your website, locate the problems that are damaging your positioning and growth opportunities that you are wasting.


  • Only available for Windows.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Website Auditor

Website Auditor is an application for Windows, Mac, and Linux, which is part of the SEO Powersuite suite of programs.Website Auditor is an all-in-one tool for On-Page SEO Optimization since with it you can perform a complete audit of your website or that of your clients.


  • It allows you to find broken links, duplicate content, validation errors (W3C), server errors (404, etc.), non-indexed pages.
  • It helps you optimize your SEO by finding page titles that are too long or nonexistent.
  • Generate your file robots, txt, and Sitemaps.
  • Analyze the number of total and outbound links per page.
  • It gives you information about cache date in search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing), inbound links, visitors per page, etc.
  • It generates beautiful visual reports that you can customize and send automatically to your clients.
  • With a license, you can install the program on several computers, but not execute them at the same time.


  • From the sixth month, you have to pay for the updates.

You can find details information about this tool here:

URL Profiler

URL Profiler is one of my favorite SEO tools, especially useful for quickly auditing links, content or social signals.

Excellent for SEO and Web audits, and an unbeatable combo when you combine it with Screaming Frog.

This tool is designed to extract information from thousands of URLs simultaneously and have it available quickly.


  • Available for Windows and OSX.
  • You can use it to quickly extract and combine data from your Search Console and Google Analytics account.
  • It is combined with the APIs of the most well-known tools, such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, etc.
  • Using in combination with Screaming Frog is perfect.Combine the data of different tools in a single spreadsheet.


  • It’s only available in English.
  • All operations are stored in a spreadsheet; results cannot be previewed
  • It can be difficult to understand how it works, but below you have a complete Guide to start

You can find details information about this tool here:

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a multiplatform software, which provides a detailed analysis of your pages.

This excellent tool has a free version (with limitations) and a paid one, with more options, and without any restrictions.


  • Essential to do technical audits and SEO.
  • Verify text links, images, frames, plug-ins, CSS style sheets, scripts, etc.
  • It helps you to locate broken links, pages that do not exist, images without alternative text, and much more.
  • It helps you optimize your SEO on Page by analyzing titles, descriptions, etc.


  • All data is exported in spreadsheet format, so you can not generate reports quickly.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Rankings and Monitoring of Keywords

When you are trying to position yourself by several Keywords, it is necessary to monitor their positions in the search results (SERPs).

Doing it manually, searching for each Keyword and pointing to which page and position it appears, is a long and tedious process that you can save yourself thanks to these tools.


SERWatcher is my recommended tool for monitoring the positions of my Keywords, and the one I use for all my projects.

SERPWatcher is an online tool for monitoring Keywords created by Mangools, which developers of another of my favorite tools, KWFinder.

Like the rest of the tools of Mangools, it is a pleasure to use it, its interface is very careful and has what you have to have and nothing that is not necessary.


  • It is an online tool, so all your data will always be updated.
  • The interface is very elegant, simple and easy to use.
  • You can export your Keywords quickly.
  • It is integrated with KWFinder, my preferred tool for researching and creating keyword lists.
  • Good filtering and labeling capabilities
  • Very useful metrics such as the “Dominance Index” and estimated visits per month.
  • Generation of automatic positioning reports, which you can publish online for your clients to review.


  • It is not an online tool, so the data must be updated manually or by programming the tool so that it regularly runs on your computer or VPS.

Read More SERPWatcherPremium $35.17 /Month


Buzzbundle is an application for Windows, Mac, and Linux, which is part of the SEO Powersuite suite of programs.

Buzzbundle is relatively recent in the market of Social Media applications, and there are still some shortcomings in its functions.

Highly recommended if you are a Community Manager or if Social Media is your main channel of sales, interaction, or generation of traffic.


  • It allows you to manage the popularity and reputation of your online brand.
  • You can schedule messages for all your accounts.
  • The license allows installing the software on several computers, although not to execute it simultaneously.
  • It helps you analyze your competition in social networks, and have them controlled.


  • The cost is higher than other similar tools.
  • From the sixth month, you have to pay for the updates.

You can find details information about this tool here:


Many users define Moz as an essential SEO tool, regarding Web positioning and Social media analysis.

The utilities offered by Moz can be free or paid:

Open Site Explorer: With it we can analyze the links of a Web site, whatever it may be, depending on certain parameters.

Follower wonks a Moz tool that will allow us to exploit one of the social networks with the largest number of followers: Twitter. The information we get is a little messy, but it is very useful. In addition to these data, we can do networking and find on Twitter, the most influential people in our sector of activity.

Moz Bar: Mozbar is the most used Moz functionality, for the amount of information it can offer, and the convenience of obtaining it. It is a navigation bar that can be installed in the browser, offering all kinds of data about the pages that are visited, the profile of links, etc.

Local Moz: A tool designed for geolocation. With it, we can get a better position in the geolocated results of Google.

Moz Cost: A free service that analyzes current data about Google and possible changes.

Moz Analytics: With it, we obtain detailed information on the evolution of the website in different fields. You can centralize all the data of the business, analyze content strategies, SEO, Social Media, and much more.

Fresh Web Explorer: With it, we can see the mentions made on the Internet of a brand (which can be own or from the competition), as well as specific keywords.

Rank Tracker An efficient tool, which allows you to monitor all the keywords that are used, and verify their evolution.On Page SEO: Summary of the optimization of the keywords.

Keyword Difficulty & SERP Analysis: A widely used instrument, with utilities that are not easy to find outside of Moz. It is about assessing the difficulties to position a key keyword in Google well. To create the message, an analysis of the top ten results in Google is offered so that you can check the existing links and other data between them.

You can find details information about this tool here:


For me, one of the essential platforms in content healing. It is an RSS reader that allows you to manage the feeds of your favorite blogs.

This tool allows you to:

  • checkAdd your favorite blogs and sort or filter by categories.
  • checkBe up to date with all the posts that publish your favorite blogs.
  • checkShare the posts directly from Feedly on your social networks.
  • checkHave content that gives you value in one place.

You can find further information about this tool here:


Another of the most influential online marketing tools for me, as it allows you to find the most shared content on social networks.

Other options are:

  • checkYou know what content has worked best in competitive networks.
  • checkFind content by keywords and know which ones have been viral.
  • checkFind influencers that can virtualize your posts.
  • checkExport to an excel the found results.

You can find further information about this tool here:


The Met fan is the primary news agree gator in world about Online Marketing today and can be used ideally as a curator of content since most bloggers usually share their content here weekly, and it is a quick and easy way to be updated.

You can find further information about this tool here:


Of the most useful tools when finding content our plagiarized in other blogs.

With it you can:

  • checkKnow who copies your posts.
  • checkKnow if the website that copies your content is friendly or not.
  • checkWhat kind of content or pages have been plagiarized, etc.?

You can find further information about this tool here:

Plagiarism Checker

This tool is fundamental for me since it allows to know if the content is original or was already published on another website. It’s happened to me that they’ve sent me some guest authors’ posts and then I’ve seen that those posts were copies of articles from other blogs.

If you do not want to be fooled when they send you a post, you can pass it through this tool and check if it is original.

You can find further information about this tool here:


For content programming, Buffer is my favorite tool, and I think it is essential for any professional working in Digital Marketing. The truth that works best on Twitter, but as it is my main network and my clients, is where I usually schedule more.


  • checkSchedule your content (in the free version it has a maximum of 10 a day).
  • checkAutomate your posts with shortened images and links.
  • checkAnalyze the tweets (RTs, I like you, Reach, Answers, etc.)
  • checkKnow the best time to share your content.

You can find further information about this tool here:


Possibly the most used online marketing tools in the world. If you need to manage several client accounts, this is your tool, since it allows you to control, monitor and program these social networks in a simple and very effective way.


  • You can schedule Tweets to be displayed at the prime time on your Timeline.
  • It helps you find the best users to follow and interact with them.
  • It greatly facilitates the management of all your social profiles from the same interface: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress, Foursquare and much more.
  • It is very configurable.
  • It has native apps for iOS and Android and a lot of integrations with other apps and browsers.


  • The free version supports a maximum of 3 social profiles, the professional (paid) version 50.

You can find more information about this tool here:

Answer the public

This tool is one of the last I discovered through other bloggers, and the truth is that it is a delight. If you are one of those, who do not master the concept “longtail” with this platform you will find the glory.

Answer the Public shows you the most common searches and questions that users ask according to a keyword or longtail. Imagine something like that; it’s an authentic past.

Other characteristics that define this tool are:

  • checkIt’s free, simple and easy to use.
  • checkFind keywords by different languages.
  • checkThree possibilities of consultation, questions, prepositions and alphabetical order.

You can find further information about this tool here:

Similar Web

With it, you can know the number of page views, the website traffic sources, the visit time per session, the keywords that provide the most visits or the type of strategy used to get visits (organic, social, referrals, etc.)

There are many other online marketing tools to find keywords, but these are the ones I use, and for now, I can not complain.

You can find further information about this tool here:


Another of the online tools that I have known recently and that looks good as it informs us of large over-optimized texts and how many low-quality links we have on the web and that we should remove to avoid problems with our statistics.

Other functions are:

  • checkIdentify the diversity of anchor texts.
  • checkIdentify where you have over-optimization of anchor texts.

You can find further information about this tool here:

SEO Quake

Another necessary extension of my way of seeing, since it gives you useful information when optimizing your content. If you do not master SEO, this extension is for you. Some of its functionalities are:

  • checkKnow the density of keywords in your content.
  • checkPerform a basic but essential SEO audit of your pages.
  • checkMake comparisons of domains and URLs.
  • checkKnow the keyword densities used by your competition in your posts, etc.

You can find more information about this tool here:

Broken Link Checker

If you want to see how the links on your website are quick, this extension may be useful. With it you can:

  • checkKnow what kind of links are broken.
  • checkWhere they are located on each page.

You can find link information about this tool here:

Google PageSpeed Insights

One of the tools of Google that you should often use to verify the loading speed of your website. It tells you the status of your website for computer and mobile version, in addition to giving you suggestions to improve the loading speed.

You can find speed information about this tool here:

Google Alerts

Another excellent production of the Google factory. This tool allows you to monitor the appearance on the Internet of any term, and receive comfortably in your mailbox a notice with this information. Use it to be informed every time a news item related to your sector is issued; register your brand, product or central services, and you can even know the mentions of your competition on the internet, what do you think? Surely you are already thinking of more than one application to take advantage of Google Alerts.Remember that obtaining links is essential in our SEO strategy, what better way to find natural links than with Google Alerts and that Google tells us which pages it considers important that they are talking about the subject and the keywords I am looking for.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Google Trends

A highly recommended SEO tool to analyze the search volume of certain keywords. This free Google platform allows you to enter up to six keywords or sets of keywords and compare the volume of searches through a graph, in a very visual way.

Also, you can add different filters to refine the search: temporal period, geographical location, platform.It is not necessary to pay a single dollar to have SEO tools as powerful as those we have indicated. Completely free platforms that cover all phases of SEO planning to obtain a better organic positioning in the search results of search engines such as Google.

You can find details information about this tool here:


It’s a mix between Sistrix and SEOProfiler. It’s the one I use today, and the truth is that it’s excellent. For only $99 / month (with 14 free days from here) it offers everything you may need if you have a professional blog, are an SME or work in an Online Marketing agency. You can try it for free.

You can find more information about this tool here:


Very complete but very expensive. You can try it for free, but with restrictions on the features, they offer.They show a Domain and Page Strength Ranking similar to those of MOZ to know how your website is positioned concerning the competition and the reputation it has. These functions are perfect to see the evolution of the site and to create link building campaigns.

You can find more information about this tool here:


It is one of the best and most complete SEO tools.

As key points, you have that the keywords do not have to put them by hand. Create directly the list of words by which you appear on Google and the position. No doubt this saves a lot of time and effort (So does Xovi and SEMRush).

The design is very good, the analysis of competition and keyword opportunities are also excellent with the function of “Keywords not used” that is used to identify keywords where your domain is not positioned within the first 100 search results, but that is already being used by the competition. This function also has SEMrush offering much more data.The evolution in the ranking of your keywords is very successful. Similar to AuthorityLabs that specializes in this evolution.You can check the changes in the visibility index of your website during the most known Google updates. They also have some Webinar about Penguin and the visibility index of SISTRIX.

You can find more information about this tool here:


A complete tool. It is the least known tool of all, but it fulfills very well what it offers. It declared that it has the most functionality.

The most remarkable thing is the “Link Disinfection” function to get rid of all the links that link us and that Google considers them SPAM. It is very important to recover from a penzalization of Panda. It also allows you to create the disavow file to send to Google as a last resort.Robots.txt, sitemap, the most powerful backlink tool (if you compare with other tools SEOProfiler detects more link from its Link Profiler section) and a complete SEO audit are other of the great features it offers.

Also, the integration with your social networks to track your reputation will greatly speed up access to Twitter and Facebook.

Something negative is that it does not have a previous history of the keywords and therefore the evolution of the ranking starts. When you enter the keywords but it was solved with the option of Ranking Profiler where we can see the keywords with which we currently go on Google (we can see also those of the competition) and add them to our history with a click. Besides, like Sistrix, it shows a general visibility index to have an evolutionary view of all the keywords and track our SEO work.Like SEMrush they allow the optimization of SEM campaigns with the competence analysis.

You can find more information about this tool here:


The SEOBOX guys have revolutionized the SEO sector by launching the first SEO tool in the world that uses hardware. From there they have several online tools that you can hire separately according to your needs:RankBOX: To control the Google ranking of your keywords but in a much clearer, precise and especially real since it bases its verification engine on real IPs of the members of its user community.GEOBOX: To control local rankings by selecting only the provinces that interest you and checking daily the evolution of your most important criteria.CachéBOX: To monitor the frequency with which Google caches our pages. A key indicator of the relevance that the search engine gives to our website and a good way to check if we are doing well with our content indexing strategy.CTRBOX: To experiment with the theme of CTR and the improvement of the values of the user experience on our website and its impact on Google rankings. The SEOBOX user community will search your keywords, click on your results in SERPs and then navigate your pages with the parameters you specify.

You can find more information about this tool here:


It is a very simple tool to use keywords since it is enough to insert the word you want to analyze in the search engine, and click on “Soovle,” it automatically shows you the main keywords that are given in several search engines and pages Web.These search engines and websites include Wikipedia, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and, of course, Google.

You can find details information about this tool here:

SEO Browser

An indispensable tool for SEO consultants. It is very useful because it allows you to see the website exactly as a Google robot sees it; that is, only text. The organic positioning in search engines depends largely on the tracking of the same by the robots of the same, in this case, Google, so it is an SEO tool that we consider essential. Also, it is completely free.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Keyword Eye

It is an SEO tool for keywords that use Semrush as a search engine, a keyword tool that you surely know.The operation of this keyword tool is very simple, just enter in the search engine the word or phrase you want, then the tool shows you in the form of word cloud, those with greater and lesser difficulty.You can also choose to show you the words on an excel sheet, although I recommend that you choose the first option since at first glance it is much more visual and easier to understand.Depending on the color and size of the word, it will have some characteristics or others, for example, if a word appears large, it means that the volume of searches is high and vice versa. On the other hand, depending on the color, it goes from red, which means that the keyword has a high volume of competition, up to the green, which means that the volume of competition is low.A keyword SEO tool so visual will help you a lot in your Keyword Research because if you want quick results that require little analysis, Keyword Eye is the keyword search you need.

You can find details information about this tool here:


It is an SEO tool for keywords with which you can find the best keywords since it offers you 1,000 related keywords for each search you make. It also offers other related to your business or niche market.Analyze the level of competence of the keyword above through the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index); This index makes a comparison between the number of searches of a keyword and the results of the search engine, in this way, you can find out which keywords work best.This keyword search tool is paid, but has free 7-day tests, regardless of the plan you choose.

You can find details information about this tool here:


It is an SEO tool for keywords free, which can be very interesting for its simple way of use.Simply put the Keyword you want to analyze, then choose the type of search you want to perform, choosing between web, images, purchases, YouTube, and news. Once these aspects have been chosen, simply click on “suggest.”After this keyword, SEO tool shows you a selection of keywords, and within each word, you will find a drop-down menu in which three options appear:Search in Google: this option performs an organic search of keywords in Google, and with it, you will find the main websites positioned with that keyword.Google Trends: appears the position that the keyword occupies in Google in time, position regarding popularity in Google.Expand this Keyword: in this option, this keyword tool shows you keywords and phrases related to the main keyword.Also, you can select the keywords that interest you most, download them and use them when you see fit.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Yoast SEO

With more than 40 million downloads, Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress add-ons. It comes full of easy-to-use features to help you with your SEO strategies. It is well known for its page analysis feature, which helps improve the use of keywords, content length, readability and more. Other practical options include the creation and notifications of XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs, and social network integration. If you are an SEO beginner, this add-on is a fantastic place to start.

You can find details information about this tool here:

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is another popular free WordPress plugin, with over 30 million downloads. On many occasions, it is linked as an alternative to Yoast SEO, although it does not offer the same depth when it comes to page analysis. However, it has many other similar characteristics, such as meta tags, XML sitemaps, and social media integration. A unique feature of All in One SEO Pack is that it is the only free add-on that provides SEO integration for e-commerce sites, including those that use WooCommerce.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Pack is a WordPress plugin that is full of features. This premium complement combines the best of SEO and social optimization to limit the need for multiple add-ons.

It includes the optimization of pages, the tracking of the rankings, the XML sitemaps and the analysis of the competition. Premium SEO Pack also offers functions to optimize your images, link profiles, and page speed. This addon also has a lot of social options such as social statistics reports, rich snippets, a Facebook planner module and Twitter cards.

You can find details information about this tool here:


SEOPressor is a premium WordPress plugin designed to give maximum SEO control of your website in a user-friendly interface. The developers claim that the advanced complement algorithm emulates Google, so you’ll get exact suggestions to optimize your pages. SEOPressor gathers all the essential SEO data for your site and presents it in a single place warning about any problem.The plugin also incorporates semantic analytics and the relevant standard markup. It offers complete control over how search engines track a site and also optimizes the link profile. For $ 9 per month for the full use of the tool, SEOPressor seems to be a good option.

You can find details information about this tool here:


Rankie is a premium WordPress plugin that has been specifically designed to help you track the Google rankings of your web page. Enter the keywords you want to sort in the control panel and the add-on monitors the position of the Google results page for all those keywords. You can update the ratings daily, or you can choose to refresh a specific keyword in real time.To track progress, you can simply generate reports and optionally download them as PDF files. Rankie also has a built-in tool that suggests lists of keywords that you may want to target.

You can find details information about this tool here:


LinkPatrol is a premium WordPress plugin that focuses on helping you clean your profile of outbound links. It takes only a few seconds to analyze the entire link site, and it provides you with a list of all authors, domains and anchor text associated with them. If you see incorrect links, it’s quick and easy to add a nofollow tag or remove the link from the URL.

You can find details information about this tool here:

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is no longer my recommended tool for monitoring Keywords; now I exclusively use SERPWatcher.

Rank Tracker is a desktop application for Windows, Mac, and Linux that is part of SEO Powersuite.There is no other way to do it: to know if your positioning strategy is working you must know the positions that your Keywords occupy.Rank Tracker is a tool that helps you automate this process.There are other free tools, but I prefer Rank Tracker because it seems the most complete and I can configure it to my liking.


  • In addition to your rankings, it allows you to control those of your competition, in more than 456 international search engines.
  • It has a module to expand your keyword list, know the KEI and help you choose the most profitable keywords for your SEO.
  • Create complete professional reports for your website or those of your clients.
  • You can configure it to your liking and do it in a way that works automatically.


  • From the sixth month, you have to pay for the updates.
  • It is not an online tool, so the data must be updated manually or by programming the tool so that it regularly runs on your computer or VPS.

You can find details information about this tool here:


SERPWoo is a unique online tool in its class and has become one of my essential tools to study new niches and learn more about the positioning changes that happen continuously in the SERPs.

Unlike “traditional” Trackers (like Rank Tracker) SERPWoo monitors all the SERPs of your Keywords, which makes it possible to monitor your competition, both new and emerging automatically.

SERPWoo is my recommended tool to study the results, decide which Niche to attack, and manage the online reputation. And of course, it is an excellent keyword monitor that is worth trying.


  • Monitor your entire niche, not only the competitors you already know, but it alerts you to new competitors as they appear in the SERPs.
  • It helps you to understand how each niche “works,” who goes up and who goes down and why.
  • Monitor mobile results with the regular SERPs in your niche: SERPWoo is the first tracker that includes this option.
  • SERPWoo includes the best and fastest search tool for keywords you’ve ever tried.
  • Export your data in XLS and CSV with a click, and generate colorful White-Label PDF report for you or your clients.


  • The interface is only available in English.

You can find details information about this tool here:

If This Then That (IFTTT)

If you still do not know IFTTT, you are missing one of the wonders of the Internet, because with this free service you can automate many repetitive tasks.

For example, you can check if there are new comments on a website, respond and post automatically on social networks, etc.


  • You can use some of the “recipes” created by users, modify them or create a custom one from scratch.
  • Totally free


  • Interface not available in Bangla.

You can find details information about this tool here:


Zapier is something like the big brother of IFTTT, and is the best to get connect different applications and “talk among them.”

You can automate almost any task and pass information between web applications or software that do not have a native integration.


  • It has a free version with limitations, which will make you fall in love with the tool.
  • Totally free


  • Interface not available in more languages.

You can find details information about this tool here:


Audiense is an excellent online tool that helps you manage your Twitter account and your followers.

For example, with Audiense it is easy to locate users who may be interested in what you offer, see who it would be more advisable to interact with, know who is following you (and if it is influential), has stopped following you, etc.

Audiense has a free version with limitations on the number of contacts, lists and analytics, and several professional plans.


  • Discover the interests of your followers, their influence, geographic location, language and much more.
  • Find out the best times to post on Twitter and reach the largest number of your followers.
  • You can use the complete filters to find the users you most want to follow or contact. Use filtering tools to find exciting people to follow
  • You can correctly segment your followers and greatly simplify your tasks as a Community Manager.


  • It is only useful for Twitter; it does not work with other social networks.
  • You can only use Audiense for free if your Twitter account has less than 5,000 users (your followers + those you follow).

You can find details information about this tool here:


An incredible best grammar tool I ever seen. This new app, Grammarly, promises to improve the way it is written in English significantly.

There are those who write texts in English, some formal and others less. These can be essays, theses or why not, simple emails. If there is a need to write correctly, we have tools already in word processors, but now a new option called Grammarly comes out, which goes beyond the traditional correction. Let’s see.

On the one hand, this new corrector helps to avoid errors in applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, among others and practically for all the apps that run on the web. The system scans the text to find standard errors, or even grammatically complex, which speaks of it is somehow a smarter correction. But also, he can explain in detail the errors found in the texts, which eventually helps to improve the way of expressing himself in writing in English.

The system can be installed in Chrome (and it’s free). According to the official website, Grammarly already has about 8 million users. However, there are other products of the company, such as Grammarly for MS Office, Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Native Apps and a document plagiarism verifier. The Premium option has a cost and is capable of verifying critical grammar problems as well as difficulties with finger errors, misspelled words, and so on. Also, there is an advanced verifier for punctuation, grammar, context and structure of sentences. Grammarly Premium can make suggestions on how to write some words. As regards articles or plagiarized documents, the system can check 8 billion web pages.

But like everything in this life, there is a cost. Grammarly does not sell the app but uses the subscription business model, similar to what Adobe now uses with its graphics suite. The expenses are 29.95 dollars per month, or 19.98 every three months (a single payment per quarter of 59.95 dollars) or annual, which equals 11.66 dollars per month (which made in a single amount of 139.95 dollars). This, of course, is for users who purchase the Premium package nothing more.

Of course, this product is for those who write in English frequently and need more than a traditional spell checker. Unfortunately for the moment, says the official website, the system only works in English, but evidently if the idea prospers and becomes a good business, it is likely that little by little we will see other languages incorporated into this scheme.

Surprisingly, Grammarly’s work, which has to do with artificial intelligence, because finally there are ambiguities in the languages and sometimes it is essential to understand contexts to know what is being written. It gives the impression that this software can be a firm step to have much better spell-checkers, as well as tools dedicated to improving the way we express ourselves. We’ll see how this system develops, but for the moment it sounds very promising.

You can find details information about this tool here:


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