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What is Domain Names, Extensions, DNS etc

What is Domain Names, Extensions, DNS etc

What is a Domain Name?

This is a unique name that is typically the description of your site or that is representative of your site. A domain name corresponds to an internet address. For example, thenhost.com, riversell.com, and amazon.com are domain names. It is generally used to identify a website.

It consists of a first part, a maximum length of 63 characters, followed by an extension (.com, .net, .org, .biz or .info, for example). The characters allowed to dial this domain name are digits, unaccented letters and dash (-).

Once your domain is registered and your files set up on our company server, your website will be ready to be seen from around the world.

Why Register a Domain Name?

The domain represents the sign of your website, your project, your company. It is unique and carries your name, your image to your future customers or visitors. It must be easy to remember. It allows you to distinguish yourself from your competition, thanks to a personalized name. Please note that the number of registered domain names is currently rising sharply and consequently the possibility of finding a valid one shrinking in proportion. It is important to act quickly.

Can I Register any Domain Name?

You can register absolutely any domain name, provided that it is not already taken (We will notify you if this is the case). However, we recommend that you do not register a domain name corresponding to a trademark (for example, cocacola.com) in order to avoid possible conflicts with the company that owns the trademark.

What are .com, .net, and .org Extensions?

  • .com is used for companies or organizations for commercial purposes, it is also the most common extension for domain names. Most personal websites also use this extension.
  • .net generally represents organizations offering Internet-related services.
  • .org is used for non-profit organizations.

These are only guidelines and you are free to choose any of these extensions for your domain name.

Can I Register My Domain Name Myself?

Yes, however it is strongly recommended that we take care of this, an error on your part will only delay the activation process of your domain on our servers.
In the event of an error in the registration, N Host cannot be held responsible for the delay in the activation time on its servers. If you want to do this yourself, we advise you to go through Gandi or Joker which offer very interesting prices. Be sure to take note of the information about our primary and secondary DNS servers, this information will be useful for registering the domain itself.

What are the DNS Settings for N Host BD?

The DNS information is as follows:
DNS Primary = ns1.thenhost.com
DNS Secondary = ns2.thenhost.com
This information is required if you want to register your domain yourself.

I Have a Domain in .bd, Can Be Hosted at N Host BD?

Yes, without any problems. Simply place your order here, and we will open your accommodation on our servers.

Can You Take Care of the Registration of My Domain in the .bd Zone?

Yes perfectly! We will take care of registering your .bd domain name

Do You Register Domain Names in .bd?

Yes, we will take care of registering your .bd domain name.

Which Domain Names Extensions do You Register?

We will register your domain name in .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .be, .ch, .de, .fr, .eu, or .ca
For .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz  domains, no special conditions apply.

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