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5 Free Blogging Platforms For Bangladesh

Blogging Platforms For Bangladesh

Blogs have become an almost indispensable tool when creating your brand in the digital world. Every day thousands of people are looking for a blogging platform to express their ideas, concerns or knowledge. Companies also opt for blogs to show their customers what their work and values are. Complemented with the use of social networks, it is the best way to connect with your potential target.

There is no single reason leads you to create a blog. Some users use them to express their hobbies or as a way of escape where they can communicate their concerns without feeling judged, while others use it as a professional tool. Regardless of the reason for its creation, there are some guidelines to keep in mind that will help you choose the best blogging platform.

Easy of use and to modify the elements. Many people who create a blog do not have notions of web design or generate codes. For this reason, the majority bet on platforms that allow them to modify the designs, through specific templates, quickly and easily.

Easy to position in the search engines. Once you have created your blog, you will want users to find you on the Internet, in addition to other ways such as social networks. You have to look for a blogging platform that allows you to add and modify titles, meta descriptions and H1, elements related to SEO and that will help you to position your blog in the search engines.

Customizable design, also known as responsive design. It is important that your blog adapts to the screen of the device through which the user has accessed the site. Google also takes this feature into account when positioning the blog. There are content managers that bring this built-in option, and so you have to forget to insert codes within the HTML.

Currently, there is a wide variety of bloggers, both free and paid. There is also the freemium model, offer free basic version and charge for more advanced services. There are some of the most popular blogging platforms currently:


Possibly the best-known platform. It is easy to handle, and no previous programming knowledge is required. It had a wide range of templates and themes and is so friendly.

It incorporates a series of features not available on all platforms, such as the possibility of incorporating a forum in the site or automatically adapt the page to the screen of the device from which the user accesses. It also has thousands of plugins that allow increasing, in a simple way, the management possibilities of our website.

WordPress is an open platform, that is, it allows the source code (as well as other rights) to be available to the user while other tools have to pay to be able to access this function.


You just need a Google account to create your blog in just 3 minutes. It has several templates and gadgets to improve the visual appearance of the site and allows you to access the stylesheets of the pages to modify, for example, the color of the text.

By belonging to Google, you can implement Google Analytics at no cost, whereas in these tools you can only access this option through the paid version. It is also very easy to implement the Analytics code so that your statistics are seen in the manager. Learn how you should incorporate the code here.

Another advantage is the ability to place ads on your blog. The Blogger platform uses your AdSense account to place ad codes on your blog. It also gives you control over the ads; you can configure their formats as well as the colors and the frequency with which the ads can appear. Visit the following link to learn how to make money by showing ads on your blog.


Possibly the most particular blogging platform of the moment to combine the characteristics of blogs, with the peculiarities of social networks. It could not be otherwise if we look at who its creators are, Evan Williams and Biz Stone, founders of Blogger and Twitter. You will sign in with your Google account, Twitter or Facebook, and you’re ready to publish.

It is a very intuitive tool, no need to add widgets or plugins. Prima, the “less is more,” is very minimalist designs where the text is highlighted. You enrich the content of the article by adding links, videos or images. You can create a custom domain (www.medium.com/@username) and link it to a particular publication. In this way, all your post will be visible in one place. Also, the site is optimized for mobile devices as well as for SEO.

It works just like a social network where users can recommend your posts both within the tool itself and on social networks. Among its peculiarities, it emphasizes that the users can add comments in any part of the content.


Aside from being a free tool, Tumblr is one of the most popular platforms of the moment; users can share photos, links, infographics.

Although not one of the platforms preferred by bloggers who base their post to text, yes it is for those who opt for the microblogging. This is what makes it different from the others, and therefore, it is recommended to those who want to find something between Twitter and WordPress, as well as those businesses that want to make their brand known through visual content.


Among its advantages is that the content is very visual, a factor is taken into account for the user experience. Also, the platform is perfectly adapted to mobile devices, and the use of it is very simple. Multiple blogs can be managed from your control panel and offer many templates from which to choose. It also offers many possibilities to publish in real time.

When creating a blog on one of these blogging platforms, a specific domain name originates, such as thenhost.wordpress.com or thenhost.blogspot.com. But if you want to have a domain name personalize, you will have to bet on companies that offer this service, as Think Solutions. We also create and design web pages for a price of only 200 Dollar, and we give you the Free Domain.

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