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How to Create Your First Website?

How to Create Your First Website

To start creating your web page, you can use different paths. On the one hand, you can do it yourself if you know how to write in HTML and CSS code, another way is to use software, such as WordPress and the other option would be to create your web in a much simpler way, using a specialized company such as NHost Solutions. So, you will not need any previous experience, and you can create your page in just a few minutes.

Take into account the importance of paying a domain to publish your page. The domain is the name of the same and establishes how it will appear in the Internet browser. To begin, we must choose a domain name that is appropriate for our website. Typically, this usually refers to the name of the site, brand or company that manages it. With NHost Solutions, you can register your domain in a comfortable way. In the case of hosting or web hosting, it is a service that allows you to be visible to all users. It allows you to store images, videos or any content accessible via the web.

Before creating the design, you need to define the goals you want to set your new site. These will also determine the most technical requirements you need to implement during your creation (video players, shopping cart and payment options, among others).

When you have completed these first steps, it will be essential that you remember the following points so that your website has the traffic you expect:

A clear and orderly web page in a hierarchical way

The web is never read linearly; the user goes from one tab to another in search of different elements. You should make visible what is most important and keep in mind that the home is possibly the most viewed page of your web.For example, the content can be structured by categories. The clearer and simpler the layout, the user will find it easier to find the information he wants. Do not forget to include a search engine so that it is always easier to search.

Getting to know your target or potential visitors

The content of a website, the way it is focused as well as its design, should always be related to the needs of the user that we want to visit us. This is a point that you must take into account at the time of posing you include advertising to, in this way, address the audience that interests you.

Must be multimedia

The web must be a combination of images, texts, and interactive elements. To achieve a perfect balance so that it is attractive to the user and decides to stay in it.

On the internet, time is money

The person who browses the web does not spend time looking for too much to access that information that interests him. Therefore, the web has to be clear and direct. Likewise, the loading time of any web is vital so that the web surfer does not get bored before finding the content and leaving it. With tools like PageSpeed, You can check the loading time of the version of your web in your mobile version and computer.

Added value to the web surfer

With the amount of information that circulates through the network, you must try that, whatever the subject or the content of your page, this is creative and novel. Remember that the main added value you can provide is a content of interest to your audience.

A web page should allow interaction

It is very important that users can interact with whoever manages the page or the person responsible for it. It is also essential to be present in social networks so that you can make yourself visible through different means. In this post, you will also learn about the importance that can have a correct feedback with the users who visit your profiles.

If you want to learn, how you can get more traffic to your web and measure all the data of the same, find more information on our blog and make the most of your new web.

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