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eCommerce Platforms in Bangladesh

E-commerce platforms allow us to: Offer and sell different products at a certain price, establish a design to show these products and accompany them from a description or relative information that we consider necessary and, of course, as a physical store allows customers Can buy one or more products paying online.

To begin to create your online store and to take into account the characteristics of each platform. First, you have to set some goals related to your online business, such as the quality of products that we will make available to the public. The needs will be different if our work offers a broad range of goods and/or if this is a store focused on something more concrete.

eCommerce platforms are virtual commercial places, so you also have to choose the place, size and format to offer our customers the best shopping experience.

It is essential to be clear the platform with which we want to create our new online store, for which we need to know some of the main features that any good eCommerce platform should have:

Adaptability: It is increasingly common for traffic to reach your eCommerce from mobile devices. Therefore, it is essential that the platform has a responsive and adaptable design to different screens.

SEO: Your platform must allow the rewriting of URLS, sitemaps, Titles, and meta descriptions that allow the optimization of your website in the leading search engines.

Content: This has to be visual and adaptable to design under the aesthetics of our products, for which, the platform must allow designing the pages of each category and product correctly. As well as offering facilities when importing information in batch.

Customer Facilities: For customers to come to your online store to navigate easily, it is important that your eCommerce platform has filtered search tools. This will make it easier to explore the catalog and look for any kinds of product. In the same way, they must be able to manage their personal accounts to track orders, multiple shipping options, control their order history, valuation.

Combined with Analytics: Ability to provide us with respective reports to the analytics necessary for a good business management on the internet.
Currency management and multilingual: This possibility should be taken into account if you intend to sell abroad.

Programs for the implementation of Online stores


It is one of the best eCommerce software for creating online stores; it is an Open Source product developed with PHP. It has a wide range of customization and configuration possibilities for those who want to create their online business.


  • Also used to create online stores, it supports various payment modalities like DirecPay, Google CheckOut, Banamex, PayPal.
  • It is currently one of the most used software to create a business on the web.
  • Previous CMSs are based on LAMP environments, which means that they must be installed on the server.


  • It’s a free eCommerce plugin, designed to be integrated with WordPress.
  • It is one of the favorite solutions, since it has a great flexibility regarding access to extensions of WordPress and offers the possibility of managing the page, both the owners of the online store and developers.
  • In THE N HOST we present an easy way to create your own online store, in a few steps and in the simplest way.

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