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Why Use the SSL Could i need HTTPS Protocol on my eCommerce Sites?

If you have a site and you are not sure about wanting an SSL certificate BD, here are 10 reasons why the Comodo SSL certificate  (and consequently the HTTPS protocol) is important:

SSL Certificate to Encrypt Information

The ultimate goal of Comodo SSL certificates BD is to encrypt the information that travels between the client (the user browsing the site) and the server (where your eCommerce site is hosted). When a user submits sensitive information (such as username and password), the user always “travels” through UDP Data Grams to get from the client to the server. These steps, which occur within thousandths of a second, increase the likelihood of the so-called Man in the Middle (MiTM) attack, Is a person in the middle can read such information.

SSL certificates do not prevent this from happening; They simply transmit encrypted information so that even a malicious MITM does not find any benefit in receiving this information. In fact, if with an SSL certificate the information should fall into the wrong hands, it would be less readable and not explainable.

SSL Certificates to Increase Results in Search Engines

As early as August 2014, Google has begun to take into consideration the fact that an SSL certificate secured site can improve its natural positioning. This has been applied and directly influences the ranking; The higher this score, the greater the opportunity to scale the SERP of search engines, thus beating the competition.

SSL Certificate for Payment Security Standards

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) certificate requirements for financial information provide that your site must have a Comodo SSL certificate with data encryption of at least 128 bits. In this way, you offer your users greater security in online payments or, in any case, in sending any confidential information such as shipping address, password, etc.

Payment methods such as PayPal are excluded from this reasoning because the confidential information is managed directly on the PayPal site, which logically has an associated SSL certificate. For this reason, in fact, when you proceed with payment with Paypal, there is always a redirect to your site, preventing the acquirer from staying on your site.

SSL Certificate to Distinguish Yourself from Phishing Sites

Phishing is widespread today. In a nutshell, it allows a malicious hacker to clone an existing site to maximum detail to steal sensitive information with a password. Once the phishing mail is sent, users do not realize the difference and compile the fields with the required data that are apparently sent to the hackers who have set the trap. These phishing sites rarely get a valid SSL certificate in Bangladesh. For this reason, by implementing one, you will demonstrate that your site poses no risk of phishing for users who provide confidential personal information.

SSL Certificate to Improve Brand Image

With a Comodo SSL certificate, you can show that your page has this type of protection through a banner. These banner do nothing more than reinforce your brand and instill greater security in the customers who decide to consult your page.

SSL certificate to Access Google Services for eCommerce

To make the Internet world a safe place, Google allows access to some services (including Google Merchant and Google Shopping) exclusively to eCommerce sites that present an SSL certificate Bangladesh. The SSL certificate BD is mandatory if you want to improve the visibility of the eCommerce itself by integrating the products in Google Shopping or if you want to increase the effect “pro” with the Google Merchant label.

SSL Certificate to use Social Services

Facebook has also introduced the obligation to use the SSL certificate for all sites that want to use the “Login with Facebook”, just like the other social network. Google Plus, Linkedin, and Twitter have the same requirement to have an active interaction between your site and social networks.

SSL Certificate for Civil Liability Coverage

Almost all certificates include liability coverage of about $ 1 million. The amount protected by civil liability depends solely on the company issuing the certificate. The same goes for the terms and conditions of the service, which always depend, of course, on who issues the certificate and consequently guarantees.

SSL Certificate to Instill Trust in Customers

By implementing an SSL certificate BD, you have the opportunity to test the identity of your site and your server, thus ensuring secure access to confidential and viewable information on the pages of your site. The SSL certificate Bangladesh, therefore, does nothing more than showing your customers how important your security is to you and how you protect the information that is sent to you.

SSL Certificate to Maintain Refers

If a Comodo SSL certificate Bangladesh is not used, referrer data is lost from sites using the HTTPS protocol. All referrer data is deleted when you switch from HTTPS to HTTP. This way, any traffic coming to your site from another site with HTTPS would be displayed as a shortcut. This could imply an incorrect interpretation of the rational part of your site, as well as make it much harder to track the origin of the traffic.

If you need additional information on how to install an SSL certificate BD on your e-commerce site, contact us!

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