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Best WordPress plugins

The plugins serve to extend and extend the functionality of WordPress; there are 47,277 plugins [1]. One of the main characteristics of this manager is the particularity of having these tools to increase, in a simple way, the management possibilities of our page or blog. In this article, we present you a selection of 5 plugins, each one dedicated to a specific activity.


This plugin will be worth to cover several aspects related to security. It includes a firewall, detects malware and also has functionality similar to Limit Login Attempts.

It provides us with constantly updated information on the defense feed before any damage, so the web application firewall prevents any hacking from happening. Wordfence scanning alerts you quickly in case your website is exposed to any type of threat [2].

SEO and Analytics
Seo Yoast

It is imperative for good SEO work. It advises us on the possible modifications that we can make in our articles, in the same way, it generates a sitemap of each site that sends automatically to Google. This plugin takes care of all the optimization at a technical level and also helps you to generate higher quality content making sure that the necessary keyword is always included [3].


Although there are specialized managers in e-commerce, this plugin is one of the most used with more than 15 million downloads. It fulfills a very important role, since it puts at your disposal the possibility of creating a store with all the necessary functions for its use. Different payment systems, functions to maximize sales, organize products by category, various forms of shipping …

It is, therefore, the perfect partner for small shops. It’s a free plugin created to integrate seamlessly, that’s why it’s so well known, both among owners and developers [4]. WooCommerce manages 30% of online stores.

Social networks
Simple Share Buttons

It allows you to add options to share your posts in social networks [5].

There are two versions, one free and one payment. Both are a lightweight plugin that does not have to affect the loading time of your blog. The payment version includes 17 buttons and 15 the free version. Also, the paid version allows us to place buttons in a sidebar, shorten the links and control the statistics of what has been shared.

Pretty Link

For all those who use WordPress as a content manager in their projects, be it blogs or web pages, this tool can be very useful as a complement. It will allow us to perform clocking [6], which translates as managing the URLs that do not interest us, being able to adapt them, shorten them or modify what appears in them always maintaining the domain name.

There are links composed, for example, by a numerical sequence that does not inspire confidence to the user, this plugin helps us to offer that security when navigating our page. It is closely related to the user experience, so important on any page or blog.

Also, it allows us to optimize benefits by offering the possibility of creating two different links in case we want to promote the same product in the header and sidebar. In this way, we can check the conversion statistics.

To install plugins you need a good hosting, in nhostbd we offer you the web hosting that you need to create your custom web page with WordPress.

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