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In Search of the Perfect Logo

The design of a logo once the process is finished may seem simple from the outside. Those who are involved in creation know that sometimes you lose a lot of time. You realize that you jump from project to project when you are continuously choosing new logos. Fortunately in N HOST we have a creative genius who is very good at this task. It is an advantage and a burden at the same time because without realizing you enter the vicious circle of the search for the perfect logo.

Having started this phase of a new project assumes that you have already chosen a name to develop a brand. It seems simple but who has had to face this task knows the time that can lead because you do not usually hit the nail on the first.

It seems a lie but to move on to the logo creation phase and this is quite an accomplishment. It is also not a question of putting to rockets because to turn an idea into business to make money is a rather long way.
Looking for the logo for our new project N HOST.

In the photo you can see the recent process of creating a new logo for a new training project. With N HOST we are going to get into the professional training, creating the brand N HOST that aims to provide greater “seriousness” that the same transmits N HOST. The idea is to reach a target audience of companies and / or people interested in having some type of degree (eg; Masters Degree or MBA) to be able to use it for your resume.

N HOST is going to differentiate itself from everything in the market by its contents where students learn something that they will be able to implement in their companies or businesses tomorrow. It is a training that in addition to knowledge will bring experience because they will be required to set up online projects and also make them work.

Basic tips for not giving too many laps to finding a logo

In the case of Qbis it takes weeks or even months to find the right logo. I do not say “perfect” because if you have that plan probably the process can take years. From here the main problem can arise. Stay away as much as possible from finding perfection. To avoid mistakes and waste of time I recommend the following.

  • Choose a color scheme and do not change it: it seems basic but minimizes possible variations. When you have found the winning combination do not abandon it and go ahead with it.
  • Focus on one type of logo: creating many variations makes decision making difficult. When more options, more complicated is to choose. In the end you have the feeling that nothing you like.
  • Do not ask too many people: it may seem counter intuitive but asking for the opinion of third parties can generate a lot of insecurity. Each one will like a different version and instead of making you advance the process is delayed.
  • Avoid mail as a communication channel: giving feedback by mail is never accurate leaves room for confusion because body language is lacking. Sometimes the feelings of the companions can be hurt by being too direct. At best, the requested changes are not interpreted properly.

The image that gives your company matters. The logo is important to look designed by a professional and not by your cousin. You do not have to like everyone because 100% can never reach you. With the passage of time you can retouch the logo and give it a more modern look. It is a pending issue for N HOST.

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