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What is WordPress cPanel

Cpanel is an abbreviation of the term “Control Panel”. The WordPress cPanel is basically an application management and installation tool that works connected or in connection with many servers and hosting companies. cPanel also acts as an intermediary between you and the hosting provider and serves to facilitate the installation of WordPress, among other content managers. The installation of WordPress is not the only function of cPanel since being an application manager with it. You can install other platforms or make adjustments to your hosting.

With cPanel you can install WordPress either automatically, using an installation wizard, or manually, using MySQL databases. In other articles, we have dealt with various aspects of the two forms of installation, and in this, we will focus more on the cPanel tool itself.

Why use cPanel?

  • cPanel is a very intuitive tool. You can use it although you hardly know anything about programming or web pages.
  • You can easily access cPanel and then install WordPress in a very short time.
  • WP cPanel automatic installation options are a guarantee for security and accessibility. For example, you can opt for automatic updates and security options as periodic backups.
  • If your computer skills are limited, choose a company that has an intuitive cPanel so you can use it without creating headaches.

Basic Features of WordPress cPanel

  • The main function of cPanel is to manage files, and within it, we find the installation of PHP applications, among which are WordPress, Joomla!
  • cPanel offers you the possibility of associating email accounts with your site or websites. With cPanel you can also manage email accounts that you already have or send emails to the address of your site, etc.
  • You will also have the possibility to do tasks of managing your domains: create sub-domains, etc.
  • You can work with individual databases for content managers such as MySQL.
  • How to access the WordPress cPanel
  • When hiring a hosting service, your provider will send you an email with relevant data (the access and FTP keys) so that you can access the cPanel.
  • enter the URL provided to you in your browser, as well as the username and password. Once you’ve done it you’ll already be inside the cPanel.

Working with WordPress cPanel

To make it easy for you to work with the cPanel tool you need to become familiar with it. Do not hesitate to wander through sections and tabs to see the possibilities offered. Remember that the cPanel interface varies from company to company. As you travel through cPanel do not forget to explore the potential of automated WordPress installation packages and, if you wish, you can choose the most suitable for your online project.

Installing WP with cPanel

Install your WordPress using the cPanel tool you must follow some guidelines, among them is the configuration of various parameters, such as the domain you have acquired and the path of your website (for which you have to determine if it is a domain or a sub-domain). If you use one of the installation wizards, it will guide you through the entire installation process.

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